immersive learning classes

Our summer camp offers immersive learning classes in the metaverse, where students can explore new worlds and engage with cutting-edge technology. Students can attend these classes through their

  • Phones
  • Laptops
  • VR headsets

The classes are designed to be both fun and educational, providing a mind-on learning experience that will leave the student inspired and empowered to take on future relevant careers in space and disruptive technologies.

Collaborative Learning

Students and learners come together to learn in a safe virtual space.

Specialised Courses

Specialised programs and curriculums that prepare individuals for the changing future of work and education.

Metavisionaries Academy?

Strong Network

By being a part of Metavisionaries Academy, students gain access to our global network of industry experts which includes space scientists, healthcare experts and renowned academics.

Immersive Learning

Our virtual reality learning environment is one of the best ways to keep students engaged in classroom content which transcends the boundaries of traditional classroom settings.

At Metavisionaries Academy, we understand that the future holds boundless opportunities and challenges. Our mission is to empower individuals to navigate this transformative landscape with confidence, creativity, and adaptability. Through cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking curriculum, we offer a comprehensive range of programs that explore the intersections of science and technology.

Learning Level


Learning Period

1 to 6 Weeks

(choose your own topics)


Passion to learn

Course Language


New Concept of Immersive Learning

Provides Unique Space Industry Knowledge

Learn from anywhere
Choose Your Own Learning Pathway
Be a part of our strong network
Learn by doing
Learn from highly qualified PhD. instructors and industry experts
Learn In Immersive Virtual Reality Environments

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instructor's Introduction

What makes our school different (apart from the obvious meta component) is the level of instructors and their CVs. Most online schools don't advertise their instructor staff. We will be doing the opposite of that.